Challenges for Harry

Dear friends,

We have looked for various ways to celebrate Harry’s life over the last year and sustain his memory.   Probably closest to our hearts is the idea of us each embracing a ‘Challenge for Harry’ as a legacy to him.  We would like you all, young and young at heart to organise your own personal Challenge.

This can be done collectively or individually with the idea of taking the time to challenge ourselves in any manner of ways.  All we ask is that you think of Harry whilst you doing your challenge.  We will then add your achievements to Harry’s blog.

In July Becky, along with a team of friends and colleagues, plans to participate in the Peak District 100km UltraChallenge.  Evie and Harry’s Grandma, Margaret Allen, will be joining them for the first 25km.  They will be raising funds for the charity ‘Sepsis Research (FEAT)’ with the hope of collecting enough money to purchase a small piece of scientific apparatus that can have Harry’s name on it.

If you would like to raise money for Harry’s scholarship fund, or any of the other charities our family has been raising money for in his memory (The Laura Centre in Derby, Cruse Bereavement and Sepsis Research (FEAT)), whilst doing your challenge, this would be very much appreciated.   But we would appreciate just as much you simply committing time and energy to your own personal challenge in Harry’s memory.  We are more than happy to join in too, if you’d welcome some company.

Our warmest wishes,

Becky, Matthew, Rosie and Evie

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