Jurassic Coast UltraChallenge

Sunday 17 May saw Becky join Harry’s Godmother Jenny in walking the second stage of the Jurassic Coast UltraChallenge.

After a dawn start in Weymouth they made their way westward along the undulating Dorset coastline in the face of fast deteriorating weather.  The lunch stop at Abbotsbury swannery was followed by the very real challenge of a long stretch along the shifting shingle of Chesil beach.  Next came steep climbs and descents above chalk cliffs.  Finally after eleven hours, 50 kilometers and many hundred meters of ascent and descent the finishing line in Bridport drew into view.

Tired, soaked but elated Jenny and Becky crossed the line to be met by much needed cups of tea and space blankets. We are very grateful to Jenny for the sponsorship she raised for Harry’s scholarship in completing this challenge.



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